Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Awesome new feature - sql_attr_string in sphinx search 1.10

Sphinx search engine 1.10 brings a new attribute sql_attr_string which allows sorting the search result by string rather than integer before. This extremely helpful in my current project, however, this version of sphinx is still in beta, hope they can release the stable version soon.

Live Messenger 100% CPU usage? Abandon it!!!

Once Live Messenger is running, the CPU usage will be high especially it’s stupid embedded ad system play the flash content. Yes, abandon live messenger!!!!! Use sth else instead, I personally recommend Amsn or Pidgin, they are both open source, free to use & NO FLASH AD.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Apache reverse proxy on windows

At moment, we to use apache reverse proxy to handle HTTP request to different server in LAN with a single IP address, there is the configuration
in http.conf, enable following modules add your virtual host:ServerName example.comProxyPass / / "d:/apache_cache/" CacheEnable disk /images/CacheDirLevels 2CacheDirLength 1

You will need to edit your host file for “” to your LAN IP address.