Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Blizzard released Heathstone for Android tablet

In the Christmas Eve 2014. Blizzard released its card game Hearthstone to Google Play

Click the link below to download from Google Play

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Add ID value for non-auto-increament field under Entity Framework

If you use an “ID” field in your entity, & this “ID” field is not auto-increament, Entity Framework will fail when generate insert sql.


Add a DatabaseGeneratedAttribute to this “ID” field, with DatabaseGeneratedOption.None option, like this:

public abstract class BaseAccount{    [Key]    [DatabaseGenerated(DatabaseGeneratedOption.None)]    public int ID { get; set; }    ......}

Successfully solved under Entity Framework 4-6.

Entity Framework 6.0 MigrationHistory table on SQLite

The following SQL is used to create __MigrationHistory table in SQLite database for Entity Framework 6.0 in Code-First mode.

CREATE TABLE [__MigrationHistory] ([MigrationId] CHAR NOT NULL, [Model] BLOB NOT NULL, [ContextKey] CHAR NOT NULL, [ProductVersion] CHAR NOT NULL, CONSTRAINT [sqlite_autoindex___MigrationHistory_1] PRIMARY KEY ([MigrationId]));


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ruby on Rails: Making Web Applications Development Fast and Fun

Ruby approximately Rails is a breakthrough inside the net development arena. “Powerful internet applications which formerly could have taken weeks or months to develop is yielded inside a matter of days,” claims Tim O’Reilly, Founder of O’Reilly Media. It has capability to handle huge traffic volumes for huge companies. RoR evangelists vouch for Ruby approximately Rails inside terms of the internet development time, compactness, swift deployment capability, database portability, scalability plus readable code generation compared to different languages. Despite limited glitches (that is certain for a fresh entrant), RoR has been advocated inside the net development community plus is expected to become a dominant internet development platform amidst internet programmers inside coming years. This post completely scans the RoR framework; finds loopholes inside it; balances them plus attempts to withhold its abilities to internet programmers plus huge companies. Before you ride approximately Rails, you could learn what RoR really is.

What is Ruby approximately Rails?
Ruby is an elegant object oriented meta-programming code tailored to create programming simple plus fun. It is a dynamic code plus is much more similar to Perl, Python, plus Javascript than a conventional hardcore code like C++ or Java. RoR is an open source internet application development framework created inside Ruby code. It has a riches of pre-written code which assists programmers build brand-new internet goods swiftly eliminating much of the preliminary function needed for developing complex plus mainly database-driven internet applications.

RoR could run approximately any internet host which implements CGI or FastCGI. RoR involves WEBrick, a effortless Ruby internet host which is distributed with Ruby.

It supports database like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, SQLite, etc.

Key Features:

MVC Architecture: Ruby approximately Rails is based approximately Model–View–Controller architecture pattern that isolates the database from additional components of the application, permitting independent development, testing plus repair of every component. Scaffolding: One of the attractions of Rails is its scaffolding. Rails may automatically build a few of the models plus views required for a standard site. The programmer can equally run an exterior control to create Ruby code for the scaffold ahead of time.

Convention over Configuration (CoC): Another significant characteristic of Rails framework is Convention over Configuration (CoC). If developer follows recommended naming conventions, Rails refuses to require much configuration. It is just whenever the desired behavior deviates within the implemented convention, then we configure a desired behavior. Rails framework lets we write gorgeous code by favoring convention over configuration. This causes less codification.

Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY): Rails framework is based found on the swift development principle called Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY). Utilizing the ActiveRecord component of Rails, the developer refuses to should specify database column names inside class definitions. Instead, Rails may retrieve this info within the database based found on the class name. This causes less repetition of info.

REST Design Pattern: Rails supports REST shape pattern for internet services. The REST architectural fashion is based approximately client-server relationship. Browsers request pages from Rails by creating a request for a URL utilizing a certain HTTP way, like GET, POST, PUT plus DELETE. Every system is a request to do an surgery found on the resource. A resource path maps a quantity of connected requests to actions inside a single controller.

Extensive AJAX Library: Ruby approximately Rails is furthermore noteworthy for the extensive collection of Ajax functions. Rails helper techniques is selected to call Ajax functions.

Integrated Test Environment: Automated testing is an underlying strategy of Rails. RoR framework embraces test-driven development. It comes with an automated test functionality which automatically creates test files for mock object testing. Hence, extensive amount of practical plus integration testing is conducted to find existing issues inside the early stages of development.

SEO-friendly URLs: Clean URLs are crucial for look machines. Rails framework creates custom or Search Engine Friendly (SEO) URLs.

Library of Database plus Components: RoR introduces the ActiveRecord framework, that is an ORM layer. ActiveRecord automatically maps tables to classes, rows to objects plus columns to object characteristics. It automatically determines the characteristics of the model inside the table at runtime. Components is chosen to shop reusable code.

Agile inside Nature: RoR supports Agile methodology for development plus assists programmers create internet treatments instantly. Internet applications which take months to develop approximately additional frameworks is completed approximately RoR framework inside a matter of weeks.

Pros plus Cons of Ruby approximately Rails

While RoR platform is gaining approval amidst internet programmers, it has not yet enjoyed the recognition of Java or .NET based frameworks, that has been approximately for years. Critics observe the following loopholes inside RoR framework:

Scalability: Critics have questioned the scalability of RoR framework. They usually mention many Twitter outages inside 2007 plus 2008, that spurred Twitter’s partial transition to Scala for their queuing program plus alternative middleware. The interface aspects of the website continue to run Ruby approximately Rails.

Flexibility: Rails refuses to suit each internet project or product. It is not the greatest bet for effortless url development. It is the appropriate platform for a generally database-driven internet application.

Incompatibility: Rails’ structured plus organized approach is its strength plus weakness inside terms of flexibility plus compatibility. Rails framework is just efficient should you follow the Conventions. It can create a developer or programmer restrictive.

Development Speed: RoR has a riches of pre-written code plus several favored components like ORM, JSON, Internet Services plus alternative APIs built-in. The developer frequently creates code inside the early stages of development to test the compatibility of different applications plus main components. Rails framework automatically creates much of the scaffolding plus reduces development time plus effort greatly.

Abundant Web2.0 plus Internet Support: Rails provides abundant greater internet 2.0 plus wealthy web application help. It has extensive libraries of Ajax that has transformed conventional internet development inside latest years by generating it dynamic plus sensitive. RoR supports a wise quantity of Open Source IDEs plus has extensive libraries of Javascript plus tool-kits to ease dynamic internet development.

Less Code plus Less Repetition: C-o-C plus DRY principle cause less coding, plus less repetition. Many of Java plus .NET based frameworks compel we to create pages of code. If a developer follows conventions inside RoR, he refuses to want much configuration. Usually, it saves significant amount of time plus expense.

Increased Productivity: Built-in Scaffolding, Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY), Rails Conventions plus Agile methodology enable programmers develop internet applications instantly. Less code plus less repetition results inside fewer errors plus consequently increases efficiency.

Good Documentation: Ruby code is extremely readable plus consequently is self-documenting. There is not a have to write separate documentation when the project is picked up by alternative programmers.

Beauty of Ruby Language: The appeal of RoR platform lies inside the elegance plus directness of the Ruby code. Ruby is regarded as the number one languages for meta-programming. It combines Smalltalk’s elegance, Python’s ease of employ plus Perl’s pragmatism.

Who is approximately Rails?
Then, RoR has been utilized for a variety of dynamic internet projects all over the world. It is not limited to the tiny scale internet projects; countless huge names inside the planet of Internet have implemented RoR into sections of their internet applications. Below is a brief review quite prolific: Basecamp, Twitter, Yellow Pages, Penny Arcade, Campfire, Hulu, Groupon, Shopify, Scribd, 43places, 43people, Urban Baby, Xing Marketplace, Pragmatic Bookshelf, Odeo, Zendesk, Iconbuffet, Get Satisfaction, iLike, Justin TV.

Ruby approximately Rails framework is optimized for developer joy plus improved efficiency. It encompasses all ideal practices followed by different technologies. It accelerates internet development task within the rather outset. RoR programmers internationally are experiencing huge advantages inside terms of development time plus repair expense. Many have reported 40-50% reduction inside development time approximately their internet development projects utilizing RoR. RoR has been advocated inside the net development community for the internet development speed plus astonishing efficiency. Undoubtedly, Rails is the number one bet for dynamic plus generally database-driven application.

Arun Roy is Communication Associate at BluEnt, a leading Architecture plus IT solutions provider. BluEnt offers Ruby approximately Rails application development plus internet application development plus content maangement program at an affordable cost. He has deep interest inside architecture plus development. His opinions plus thoughts has been publishes 4Ps Organization & Marketing, Company & Economy, The Indian PC Magazine, plus quantity of blogs. He is reached at

Get Full Battery Life From Ubuntu Laptop

The following components of the computer consumes nearly all of the power existence plus you will lengthen the power lifetime by tweaking them:
1. Ethernet Network Controller
2. WiFi/Wireless
3. Graphic plus Display
4. Processor
5. Disks plus File System
6. Software
We may explain to you certain simple power power saving strategies plus several advanced hardware tweaks inside Ubuntu.
Basic Battery Energy Saving Tips
Ubuntu comes with a energy administration component which provides you standard control to protect the power existence, to open it only go to System > Preferences > Power Management.
We could extend the power lifetime by choosing these choices within the force administration screen:
1. Putting the computer to rest whenever it happens to be inactive.
2. Setting the computer to hibernate mode whenever power force is low.
3. Slowing down the difficult drive angle.
4. Putting show to rest whenever it is very inactive.
5. Reducing the back light brightness.
6. Dimming show whenever the computer is idle.
Our Wifi/Wireless Radio consumes energy whenever it receives plus sends information over the network plus you could turn it off whenever were not utilizing it. We will switch off the wifi when the network card supports the assist plus disable force control device by utilizing the iwconfig control which you will execute inside Ubuntu console:
Linux offers a effortless tuning device to conserve vitality expenditure inside the processor by distributing the processing load amidst the accessible processors. If youre computer comes with multi-processor, you may use take benefit of Linuxs processor balancing feature to conserve stamina usage by executing this control from the console:
Setting Relatime
We could disable the atime to lower drive write at the expense of breaking software which relies approximately atime. An alternative is to allow the relatime choice where Linux may update files access instances just when they are earlier than the modification time. This alter enables utilities to find when the present adaptation of the file has been read, however nonetheless cuts down greatly approximately atime updates. Linux Kernel 2.6.20 plus above could assist the relatime optionExecute the following control inside a system to allow the relatime way.Ibm thinkpad r40 power,Sony vgp-bps10 power,Sony vgp-bps2a power

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Ruby on Rails Development- The Powerful opensource for Rich and Innovative application Development

In the contemporary advertising tips, internet marketing is the number one system to reach thousands of customer inside daily basis. Online advertising is the task of representing or showcase the company over the world. A webpage with actual info plus fantastic functionality may grab more visitors to company. frameworks with ideal shape plus dynamic functionality may assist the webpage plus application to noticeable more amidst the competitors. In this stage platform like Ruby approximately Rails delivers standard solutions inside building dynamic, wealthy plus innovative internet applications because per a needs. Among all open source platforms Ruby approximately rails development is the application development framework rocking today due to its variety functionality plus qualities.

As approximately open-source technologies Ruby approximately Rail (RoR) has become more usual plus effective application development framework. It permit smooth coadings as well as its advanced tools with several potentiality helps you to create applications inside numerous static, dynamic plus e-commerce qualities. RoR framework run conveniently in every running program like Linux, Mac OS X, plus Windows plus offers a user-friendly environment. It a flexible plus swift application development frameworks for robust plus innovative internet applications. Its agile methodology plus MVC model assists inside swift plus effortless development with Dont Repeat Yourself plus Convention over Configuration procedure. It’s has many range to develop application inside different platform like e-commerce, CMS, plus social media networks.

Here are certain main factors, for that ruby approximately rails development has become the effective framework to build wealthy plus innovative applications.

Rapid Development Process:

Ruby approximately rails development offers effortless Model View Controller architecture for rapid application development.

MVC differentiate the company logic plus technical logic where the model represent the company logic or date as well as the controller represent the input mediator. This helps the ruby approximately rails developer to develop application immediately. It’s surprisingly secure plus really friendly to programmers plus consumers.

Business Oriented Applications:

Ruby approximately rails delivers object connection mapping that assists inside building information centric applications. A ruby approximately rails developer could develop company oriented applications like e-commerce, CMS, plus social media networks. It provides a variety of customizable way that assists inside meeting the particular requires of company. dynamic content, webpage, XML documents plus different complex application could built for company plus individual specifications. RoR framework has popular inside social networking applications considering its delivers complete protection plus protection to consumers when updating their info.

RoR is popular inside development of internet applications plus ruby approximately rails developers may build dynamic, innovative plus interactive applications because per the company specifications. Connectix the custom software development business having experience plus expertise inside developing ruby approximately rails applications. We have a team of devoted ruby approximately rails programmers to aid we inside a project specifications. Hire programmers from connectix to create specialist plus innovative internet application development because per the specifications.

Debasis Mohanty is a techinical content author of Connectix Software plus Service Pvt. Lim. He has 15 years of experience inside techinical content composing approximately open source application development, webpage prmotion plus url advertising. Many of his articles has became showcases inside the arena of Ruby approximately rails development, cakePHP Development plus look engine promoting services.For more Information please see

Why Ubuntu Is Linux For The Masses

Folks are reposeful going to debate this year whether Linux is willing for the desktop however, those arguments don’t source to folks that have really provided the newest versions of Linux a try. Many superlative distributions are apparent to employ plus Ubuntu is possibly the easiest considering the guys to recognize. While well-qualified is a standstill a bit of the understanding curve, Ubuntu has violently a going rightful manufacture it manifest for mass numbers to follow it when need be.

The right aspect is the fact that everything today is point again acumen. While certain “hardcore” Linux consumers may not like this, the mankind need convenient mark plus click interfaces to effectuate their processing like they seal with Windows or Mac. If connections could know effortless selections plus launching applications from icons, they will recognize much of utilizing Ubuntu.

The install procedure is painfully simple. This has been a huge wearisome with Linux inside the past. The install procedure chosen to steward difficult plus burdensome particularly being we had to think the appropriate software installed to install extra software. Ubuntu has a effortless Add/Remove toil feature which is because simple to install a fresh system considering embodied is approximately many singable cell phones. scrutinize by name or clump plus consent boxes to install or clear software. All the dependencies plus different issues are excited care of for we.

Ubuntu has a organization late it which is supporting millions of domination employees plus school youngsters approximately the program seeing utterly because companies. This signifies which completed are millions of real folks utilizing it everyday which charge provide approximately assignment suggestions. If learned are issues, that experienced usually is with signifies which works with computers, there are enough persons utilizing it plus enough funds unpunctual those assist contracts to create affirmative which prevalent issues actualize worked out.

Hopefully, inside the upcoming some oldness when somebody thinks of flipping running systems or lookin at additional choices before a huge upgrade, they select to provide Ubuntu a try to find when it meets their requirements.

Eafa Osric has a lucrative Debian vps management story of Ubuntu vps is Linux Servers for individual websites plus company.

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Android Development Trend

Android is regarded as the swift growing mobile running program platforms. Android development has become the most aggressive territories of company. Android programmers are busy designing apps because a huge quantity of mobile producers are getting associated with Android. Java is the heart of the platform, creating it the most stable mobile running systems inside the planet. The mobile telephone marketplace for this platform is growing at a steady 30% a year according to favored marketplace analysis.

One of the number one methods to go regarding this technologies is to outsource it to an offshore development centre plus receive high-end applications developed. Below to hire services of expert programmers whom can convert a company dreams into fact. You are able to select custom development of the Android apps, that will not merely strengthen the sales of the goods plus services, & enable we inside branding a company.

These apps have become among the right advertising tools for companies because of the ever-growing recognition of the platform. Mobile giants like Google, HTC, Intel, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Nvidia, Qualcomm plus Samsung are endorsing Android. This recognition is causing paradigm alter inside the mobile development industry with innovations happening frequently.

Latest Android Development Trends:

Like desktops plus laptops, double core processing looks to function as the future of cell phones. Android has been among the early movers with close to one-fourth cell phones to be available inside 2011. It is a huge step forward inside terms of performance, power existence plus can provide unmatched mobile experience.
Advances inside Android development would turn it into an online payment tool. That day is not far whenever you are capable to employ the telephone inside destination of the credit cards to buy goods plus services. By the complete of 2011 a some handsets with this functionality are expected to debut inside the marketplace.
Adobe has established AIR for Android platform, that will allow programmers to drive mobile AIR apps built with Adobes developer platform. It will provide Flash programmers direct access to the Android marketplace without to understand anything hot.
Tablet PCs are the future of mobile technologies plus programmers are searching into the future of the marketplace really really. Android working program is expected to introduce several revolutionary tips inside the Tablet PC marketplace inside the coming years.
Cloud processing is regarded as the hottest discussed subjects inside the technologies marketplace today plus Android isnt far behind. This form of development can ease sharing of resources between equipment, that will confirm useful for companies.

This mobile development is approximately its method to function as the hottest mobile running program inside the planet, causing huge phenomenon amidst the device fans all over the world. To obtain your app built plus more info found on the same, see

Vishal Arora is an iPhone plus Flash expert functioning because a technical author with Evon Technologies, an offshore development business dealing with mobile, software, plus internet application development.
For more info, see

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Ruby on Rails 3.2 and 3.2.3

Ruby approximately Rails is a completely developed internet framework which enables a programmer to create a completely practical application approximately a single system. A Ruby approximately Rails Development Company delivers services including:

•   Ruby approximately Rails Installation

•   Ruby approximately Rails development solutions

•   Ruby approximately Rails Upgrades

•   Complete Ruby approximately Rails application deployment

•   Ruby approximately Rails CMS (Rails Content Management System)

•   Ruby approximately Rails Customization to company needs

•   Ruby approximately Rails Maintenance

•   Ruby approximately Rails Consultation

•   Performance tuning plus scaling

Every developer would like to accelerate the development task plus decrease the mistakes. Rails donate a quick plus convenient development environment with standard results. With Ruby programming code, ruby approximately rails programmer have to write fewer lines of code compared to alternative programming languages to reach the same happen.

January 20, 2012, Rails 3.2 was introduced. The main improvements were the speed of resolving routes was improved. A rail 3.2 deprecates plug-in that Rails four.0 usually eliminate them completely. Rails 3.2.3 was introduced March 31, 2012 with improved security from mass assignment vulnerabilities.

For the ease of development, Rails 3.2.3 had authorized any field to be set inside a mass assignment action inside a database record plus then left it to the ruby approximately rails developer to lock down the application.

The alter inside Rails 3.2.3 today forces programmers to white list fields for mass assignment by turning the config.active_record. whitelist_attributes property to true by standard. This alter affects modern applications plus programmers should make certain that their existing Rails applications for mass assignment vulnerabilities or to set the config.active_record. whitelist_attributes property to true inside their applications.

There is another choice showcased inside 3.2.3 launch, it happens to be to alter to how authenticity_tokens are handled whenever doing remote types, plus an update to rack-cache whilst repairing a cookie leak. Other changes include a find_or_create_by_{attribute} dynamic system added, attribute_present fixed to return fake for clear strings, a quantity of corrected regressions plus different bug fixes – details of that is found inside the announcement plus inside the comparison between 3.2.2 plus 3.2.3. Rails is up-to-date utilizing “gem install rails” at the control line. The internet application framework Ruby approximately Rails has been up-to-date to fix 2 significant safety issues plus many alternative insects.

The 2 cross-site scripting issues that have been fixed let attackers to take benefit of improperly sanitized choices tag fields plus direct manipulation of the secure buffer to execute arbitrary HTML inside the browser of consumers exploring a Rails site. The Rails 3.2.2 update equally involves fixes that confirm log files are constantly flushed plus which failing tests may leave with non-zero status codes. It additionally removes calls to several deprecated techniques plus involves numerous Ruby 2.0 compatibility fixes.

DCKAP is a leading software business with experience plus expertise inside designing, developing plus deploying solutions based approximately RoR application development. Ruby approximately rails developer, Ruby approximately rails developers, Ruby approximately rails programmer, Ruby approximately rails programmers.

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

6 Dynamic Features Which Make Ruby on Rails a Powerful Platform for Web Hosting

Ruby approximately Rails is a internet application framework that ensures agile internet development procedure. It facilitates swift development of internet applications, therefore improving the efficiency of the RoR programmers. It allows Ruby approximately Rails programmers to create less code plus execute more inside less time. Some companies are hesitant to employ this platform due to its integrated AJAX function plus object-oriented database. However when it really is installed; it functions wonders for Ruby approximately Rails programmers. It assists them inside composing clean codes, segmenting workflow, plus concentrating approximately performance of new inspirations to work conveniently. If you are thinking to run RoR application, you need to go to a professional internet hosting provider whom will provide the following features:

Shell/SSH Access: This really is significant to reach the control line; thus which Ruby approximately Rails framework is correctly run for the internet hosting.
FastCGI, SCGI and/or Mongrel Support: Rails functions gradually approximately CGI alone, thus you really need to search for integrated highlights of FastCGI, SCGI plus Mongrel Support inside a hosting program.
Latest variation of Ruby approximately Rails framework: The internet hosting provider could have the up-to-date variation of Ruby approximately Rails framework to avoid any safety problem.
Rails documentation: We must have Rails documentation because a piece of the e-mail assist function thus which the customers are up-to-date regarding the progress inside the project.
Option for Expansion: The internet hosting provider could have an alternate program to satisfy the future needs of the project; just in case when a application becomes big. For ex; can the internet hosting provider setup a wise Rails stack for we found on the host, or may they aid we inside creation of the multi-server Rails environment whenever needed?
Their own applications developed utilizing Rails: The experience of the hosting provider is furthermore a huge criterion to be considered. This might enable we learn whether the internet hosting provider chosen by we is adequate enough to employ this framework inside a manufacturing environment or not.

Many respected firms are utilizing Ruby approximately Rails framework. Should you want to understand more info on effectively utilizing RoR platform for internet hosting, contact a professional RoR expert today at: We is grateful to aid we.

Softweb Solutions a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner plus Global IT Solutions Provider having sturdy performance record inside Custom Software Development plus expertise inside Technology, Financial, Healthcare media fields has services like Custom Application Development, url development, software testing plus standard assurance with industry-specific software expertise inside Technology, Financial, Healthcare media fields.

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How To install Packet Tracer on Ubuntu for CCNA

The CCNA certification exam 640-802 is a difficult exam plus it demands deep learning of the subjects included inside the CCNA syllabus & a superior hands-on experience. To build you really need to at minimum practice all of the control reported inside the official exam books. Some CCNA pupils purchase a real CCNA laboratory to practice, certain pupils employ GNS3, along with a tremendous deal of pupils employ the favored CCNA network simulator: Packet tracer. In the coming paragraphs you’ll discover how to install Packet Tracer approximately Ubuntu.

Packet Tracer is accessible approximately Windows plus Linux. The installation task beneath Windows is simple. But, should you plan to install it approximately Ubuntu, then you’ll require extra effort.

Read the following instructions inside purchase to install Packet Tracer 5 approximately Ubuntu (you are able to moreover install it approximately Fedora, Mint, Debian, etc):

1. After getting the program from Cisco url, copy Packet Tracer compressed file inside a /home folder.
2. Open a Terminal system plus to login because Root.
3. Type cd /home
4. Issue the statement “tar xzvf PacketTracer52.tar.gz” without quotes.
5. Type cd PacketTracer52
6. Issue ./install, plus then follow the instructions which may appear till the end
7. Start Packet Tracer utilizing the statement “$ packettracer” without quotes.
8. Create a shortcut to run Packet Tracer utilizing the following information:
* Type: Application
* Name: Packet Tracer
* Command: packettracer

There is a 2nd way to install Packet Tracer which consists of installing the Windows variation of Packet Tracer utilizing the wine control because follows:
* Download the file of Windows installation
* Launch the installation with Wine utilizing the statement “wine / chemin/vers/PacketTracer5_setup.exe”
* Complete the installation procedure because in the event you do for any Windows application

Once the installation procedure completed, commence Packet Trace utilizing the statement “wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program \ Files/Packet \ To trace \ 5.0/bin/PacketTracer5.exe” .

The CCNA exam is not an simple exam, plus I recommend we to receive CCNA laboratory along with a CCNA laboratory workbook to pass we exam plus build up a routing plus flipping abilities.

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Ruby on Rails Development: A boon for web application and dynamic sites

From previous decade the open source software plus internet Technologies has changed the method folks see the internet development plus internet applications. Whenever inside IT industry Ruby of rails went its full potential this cause along with a improving inside performance plus speed. Ruby approximately Rails basically is a framework for internet application was developed by David Heinemeier Hansson.

By the development of Object oriented programming basically java there were many platform that utilized OOPS plus Ruby is regarded as them. It is a lot simple to use with Python plus others like Perl. Using rail you could create advance database supported internet applications plus dynamic sites by utilizing the MVC called Model Viewer controller. You are able to create a lot functionality wealthy plus full of interaction internet application with Ruby approximately rails that suited the number one for e-commerce applications. Ruby approximately rails is moreover the greatest choice for those that are developing the content administration program plus OS commerce or online social community like Facebook plus MySpace. Rails being a commonly suitable with variety of internet servers it’s largely opted choice for internet development.

The primary feature of Ruby approximately rails is the MVC that is model viewer controller architecture that function approximately Separation of Data plus logic. The presentation layer assists the application system inside organizing. Extensive AJAX collection exist inside Ruby approximately rails Framework. The advantage of being Object oriented programming inside Rails is the fact that utilizing The AJAX the Javascript is automatically produced. The ruby approximately rails include many packages mostly ActionPack, Active help, Active record, ActiveMailer plus ActiveResources. The Packages are customizable by adding Plugin plus add-ons.

The ruby approximately rails Programming assist the company grow with their advance internet marketing tolls plus Database based Internet Application.

One of the largely selected plus largely recognized Ruby approximately Rails developed application Flickr that is selected for Photo sharing over web. With its object oriented nature plus internet technologies Ruby approximately rails has become the key for internet development services.

Nitesh Patel is a blogger & media partner of numerous site for function connected to content, wordpress setup plus customization if you would like more information or want aid with content plus wordpress you are able to contact me approximately My website Redefining Technology


Ruby approximately Rails 01 - Criando um Blog em 15 minuto - DRC Treinamentos

O DRC não é somente uma escola de informática e sim um centro de treinamento ESPECIALIZADO em computação gráfica, atuando nas áreas de: Animação 3D, Desktop …
Video Rating: 0 / 5

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Friday, March 14, 2014

iOS App Development a Worthwhile Career Opportunity

According to Nielsen latest analysis reports, Apple iOS based equipment are marketing more quickly than further handsets. The fraction difference is very significant. This has dominated to the shift of development towards iOS iPhone apps.

Statistics tell which over 55 % of application programmers/developers plus designers are iOS app programmers whilst approximately 48 % of app programmers develop Android apps. The statistics have moved out greatly inside the fresh research than the last 1 carried out just a 2010. Additionally the quantity of application builders for further platforms is additionally mounting owing to their attractiveness inside the neighborhood ample. There is a commonly boost inside the figure of mobile application programmers because a happen of the boost inside sale of smartphones plus different connected handy equipment like pill PC – Apple iPad, etc.

Latest analysis has equally showing which percentage of all application programmers that would want to generate iOS applications is furthermore increasing because they are no longer paying attention inside generating MeeGo, WebOS or Blackberry based Smartphone apps. Future alteration from more apps programmers to iOS application programmers is expected between ranges of 50% to 60% respectively.

Apple iOS powered equipment are more multi-functional than many other platforms. These facilitate to include more attributes into equipment. iOS delivers greater leverage to function on the business plus knob every development with ideal outcome. iOS is useful over further platforms due to its significant performance plus advanced qualities for development tools.

Individuals are furthermore occupied inside the development development due to lower development bothers plus effortless changes approximately Apple iTunes AppStore.

Many iOS applications are accessible approximately App Store for free thus you will capable to personalize apps because per their own specifications. In this globe of expertise, many people chase the continuing development as well as the tendency is to build iOS applications plus earn many income inside less time. The requirement for iOS application is mounting every day due to significant need of Apple iPhone plus iPad. The conclusion is the fact that programmers are focused additional plus provide their customers with all the appropriate application answer. This defers to highest practice plus highest output. Apple iOS AppStore is moreover cashing on the user’s demands plus attention. These are generally charging the value low plus nevertheless getting huge returns.

Many scientists states which Apple iOS may obtain approximately 40% of total Smartphone plus pill marketplace share by the complete of the year. So consequently it’s a best to obtain into this domain plus exploit revenue approximately investment.


HireiPhoneDeveloper (HID) is a leadig iPhone Development firm, that has iPhone App Development, iPhone Game Development, iOS Development services at many affordable expense.


Ruby On Rails Developers Programmers Available For Hiring At Affordable Rate

Being a associate of the OOPS family, Ruby approximately Rails is a a lot proven tool plus architecture for the company solutions which are growing at a tremendous pace & for the investors which are scaling up inside the development of the nations with all the cheap resources leading to the minimal investments to receive because highest outputs because potential. For the same, Ruby approximately Rails programmers programmers are accessible for hiring at affordable rate, that you will select too for the company model because per the marketplace specifications plus company needs.
The easiest way to receive the prompt plus effortless internet application development services is to look out for the Ruby approximately Rails programmers programmers which are accessible for hiring at affordable rate at the very customized level for the company. To receive the quick working internet applications plus convenient administration of the content, Ruby approximately Rails is a greater way than the different technologies because it is very effortless to employ plus apply flexibly to the different company solutions also. It mainly helps in the development of the database supported internet applications from that upgrading plus deleting the database online will be effortless plus powerful without losing any time, resources or funds.

To receive the number one Ruby approximately Rails solutions for a company at affordable rate plus with all the excellence which might lead a company to the better heights of achievement. There are many advantages to receive when you select to hire Ruby approximately Rails programmers programmers for the company model. You are able to watch out for these advantages because said below:
When we hire Ruby approximately Rails programmers programmers, we receive the greatest internet development services for a company.
We hire Ruby approximately Rails programmers programmers for the business; there are the very experienced ROR specialists to receive the number one pro internet development services for a company.
You are able to conserve tremendous deal of time plus cash when you hire Ruby approximately Rails programmers programmers for the internet development services of the company.
There are the number one services accessible when you hire Ruby approximately Rails programmers programmers accessible for hiring at affordable rate for the company, over the in-house employees might do.
Hire Ruby approximately Rails programmers programmers for a company plus there are inside touch with them because plus whenever we feel the requirement by emails, chats, calls, etc. There are inside touch regularly with all the programmers programmers because per the company demands.
If you hire these programmers programmers, there are the complete set of ROR internet development services because per a customized company requires. The highly pro Ruby approximately Rails programmers programmers are effectively trained to handle all kinds of company needs & to have the projects prepared because per the requirements of the customers.
Hire Ruby approximately Rails programmers programmers for Ruby approximately Rails internet application development services, with that you might receive the daily, weekly, monthly reports because required by we depending on the company requires.

Get choosing Ruby approximately Rails programmers programmers accessible for hiring at affordable costs because per the specifications of the company today.

If you hire ROR programmers there are the complete set of ROR internet development services because per a customized company requirements. Once we hire Ruby approximately Rails programmers we receive the number one internet development services from

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Newbie Ubuntu Questions From Windows Customers

When Windows customers try Ubuntu or result in the switch, there are quite a some issues regarding the running program. Many times folks that have used Windows for a long time approach details with their ingrained mindsets plus have a difficult time learning the fresh program. When the concepts are grasped regarding how Ubuntu does elements, the working program becomes greatly simpler, simply remember it is a hot name for a synonymous task.

Where’s my C: drive inside Ubuntu?

Linux doesn’t utilize drive letters like you may be used to together with all the Windows running program. If you have a CD rom, USB card, MP3 player, exterior drive, or perhaps a secondary difficult drive, they can be really objects which are installed. If you go to Places then Home, it can open the file manager. Should you visit Computer, The “C: drive” is what’s labeled “Filesystem”.

What are these tar.gz plus tar files?

Think of these like you’d possibly a zip file. They’re really a different means of compacting files into a small shape like you’ll with zip files to let for simpler transfer of files either between buyers or distinctive computers. On Windows you are able to employ a system called 7-zip to open these. With Ubuntu these usually open without any additional software required to be opened.

Why won’t Control Alt Delete function?

Ubuntu doesn’t have the control alt delete key combination because a shortcut to anything like there is within Windows. If you wish the same design of system to open, there is a program monitor which is found below System plus Administration. This may open what you’d understand because the “Task Manager” thus to shut programs plus see the program resources conveniently.

If you may be wanting for alternative key functions which the Ubuntu could do which are synonymous towards the Windows working program however utilizing a distinctive name, a swift Google look might provide many tricks plus sources of info from additional Ubuntu folks.

Several instances the answer to a query is realizing where the same concept is nevertheless beneath a different name.

Once somebody whom knows Windows knows the Ubuntu name for the same functions, the program is very simple to use because many inside the functions are very significantly the same involving the 2 working systems.

Don’t let confusing technical terms assist from struggling out the free plus simple to use Ubuntu working program.

To learn more regarding this topic, see Ubuntu MP3 Player

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How Ruby on Rails Web Application Development Differs From Other Languages

Ruby approximately Rails is the best internet application development framework created utilizing Ruby programming code. Ruby approximately Rails usually called RoR or Rails is an open source internet development framework plus an object oriented programming code which helps you to develop easy, complete plus effective internet applications with wealthy interactivity plus functionality.

RoR is developed utilizing the Model-View-Controller Design Pattern plus it is actually favourite amidst Ruby approximately Rails programmers due to its strategy of CoC (Convention over Configuration), DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself), plus close organization with all the agile development methodology. The main benefit of utilizing Ruby approximately Rails is the agile nature of development, what takes months approximately alternative platforms, takes just week to develop approximately Ruby approximately Rails.

Ruby approximately Rails was initial removed from Basecamp by David Heinemeier Hansson inside July 2004 plus it’s effortless to deploy internet solutions utilizing Rails because it functions effectively with a variety of internet servers.

Some of the attributes that have driven Ruby approximately Rails a prevalent framework among the open source developers’ community are:

1. Applications are developed quicker utilizing effortless techniques utilizing less code.
2. Integrates Perl’s pragmatism, Smalltalk’s conceptual elegance, ease to employ from Python plus understanding concepts.
3. An open source Ruby framework for developing database-backed internet applications.
4. Simple to deploy internet solutions utilizing Rails because it functions effectively with variety of internet servers plus databases which apply CGI or Fast SGI.
5. Supports databases like MySQL, SQL, SQL Server, DB2 plus Oracle plus assists the Ruby approximately Rails programmers to create the applications better plus consumer friendly.

No compilation stage needed.

ROR supports swift application development due to that it happens to be gaining recognition day by day. Ruby approximately Rails internet development assists the rails programmers to succeed inside building robust plus elegant applications inside a better plus less troublesome technique.

Sourcebits a internet development organization inside Bangalore has ruby approximately rails development services including ruby approximately rails software development, ruby approximately rails internet development plus ror programming by specialist ruby approximately rails programmers. They focus inside macintosh, iPhone, android, interface plus internet development services leveraging the newest development styles.

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Discover the Potential of Ruby on Rails for Developing Rich Apps

Ruby approximately Rails (ROR) is an open-source internet development framework which is growing inside recognition inside the latest years. It allows to create codes conveniently with all the Convention over Configuration system. It is a robust tool with several functions plus allows to create applications with diverse attributes.

This framework functions smoothly approximately all main running systems like Linux, Mac OS X, plus Windows. This platform is popular because it guarantees swift application development. Web applications which usually take several days of development is rapidly completed with this framework. This allows the programmers to accelerate their amount of efficiency plus accomplish more inside less time.

Benefits of ROR for developmental reasons are because follows:

Being an open-source framework, it proves to be a affordable approach for the development function. Other technologies confirm to be pricey for development, than ROR.
The best benefit of the platform is the fact that it involves lower codes, plus makes the development task simple for programmers.
It is helpful to create database driven sites plus applications. It supports databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, plus more.
It has effective attributes which assist to create high- performance sites with dynamic functionality plus diverse functions.
It is a impressive tool to build interactive company sites which creates a distinctive impression amidst internet visitors plus attracts more shoppers for the company.
It allows to create user-friendly plus incredible applications with different qualities plus functionality.
It has a broad community of consumers plus programmers that share their experiences with this platform. This allows programmers to conveniently discover resources over the net for the issues experienced with all the developmental function.

ROR is popularly employed for app development because it utilizes effortless techniques for the development function. It has the variety of customization choices, plus is molded to build applications which meet the certain requirement of every company. It facilitates the creation of dynamic content like webpage, xml documents plus more.

It is popular to build social networking websites plus it helps you to resolve the architectural issues which prevailed inside conventional app development task. It has complete protection to the application built approximately this platform, allowing consumers to upload info with protection. ROR is an ever- growing internet tool with many functions. It is frequently up-to-date found on the technological front, that makes it a cutting- edge tool for application development.

RoR is the greatest platform to develop application inside brief expression time span that is proven to be Robust feature.

Softweb Solutions is a worldwide leader inside providing ROR Application Development Services. Our team of expert ROR Developers could build innovative apps, using the newest guidelines. We may build customized ROR Applications to suit a company needs. For more details approximately ROR App Development, contact you at

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Ruby on Rails developer provides with efficient web development services

Ruby approximately Rails or ROR is an open-source internet development programming code. It is created inside Ruby code. It is utilized with an agile development methodology. Internet programmers employ this code for the swift development. It is regarded as the many lightening quick programming languages. ROR is a framework which develops a site inside a easier method.

Like numerous internet frameworks, Rails utilizes the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture pattern to organize application programming.

Ruby approximately Rails involves tools which create well-known development jobs easier “from the box”, like scaffolding which may automatically build a few of the models plus views required for a simple website. Also included are webrick, a effortless ruby internet host, plus Rake, a build program. together with Rails these tools donate a simple development environment.

Ruby approximately Rails programmers will build effective plus reliable Ruby On Rails applications including sites plus portals to enhance a esteemed online company inside today’s competitive online company environment.

Hire Ruby approximately Rails developer creates expert application architecture plus develops sites that are totally optimized, effective plus scalable.

Ruby approximately Rails development team will develop dynamic plus interactive website for a online company according to the needs. These are typically masters inside developing internet portals, content administration program (CMS), collaborative networking systems, buying carts, API Integration plus many internet applications.

Ruby On Rails programmers are specialists inside improving the amount or standard of traffic to sites from Search Engine.

Below are several blessings of hiring ROR developer for a internet application development:

When we hire Ruby approximately Rails developer, you’ll receive the number one internet development services.

That too at an affordable expense.

One of the huge blessings of utilizing this code is the fact that is supports various databases like SQL plus ORACLE. Moreover, is helpful inside developing Database driven internet applications. Thus hiring a ROR developer might assist we have right database driven webpage.

The professionally qualified ROR programmers are very experienced plus prepared to offer we the best-designed site.

Hiring ROR developer for a webpage development might enable we protect many a time, revenue plus resources. Additionally, the webpage made with Ruby approximately Rails system is the simplest plus user-friendly site, that will enable we gather the correct amount of audience.

Hiring Ruby approximately Rails developer  usually aid we to have complete company development tips tailored according to the target marketplace. Additionally, it will be effortless for we to approach the target clients plus receive company from them.

You are able to furthermore hire Ruby approximately Rails programmers approximately hourly, weekly, monthly plus approximately project basis, plus could receive reports inside same way, thus to analyze the standard of function depending on the company requirements which can lower a time plus expense even by half.

One means out is, you are able to cut costs because ROR programmers are accessible for hiring at affordable costs. You won’t need to invest additional cash for looking the specialists inside this field.

The ideal thing that you can do approximately Ruby approximately Rails development is you are able to outsource the development services or the ROR programmers. There are numerous outsourcing businesses across the globe that will provide we the greatest ROR development services. That is longer & funds saving for we than the in-house employees.

You are able to hire Ruby approximately Rails developer or programmer either approximately temporary or lasting basis. By carrying this out you’ll take pleasure in the flexibility of functioning according to a company requires. And if needed you are able to convert the temporary contract approximately a lasting basis. This usually aid we to hire appropriate individual for appropriate job, & you may take pleasure in the advantage of getting the proper form of function completed from experts.

By considering all these blessings whilst hiring Ruby approximately Rails developer or programmer for the internet development, you’ll receive the number one potential internet development project among the competitors. Also as you are capable to protect many time, efforts, revenue plus resources, that is used inside alternative core regions of company to receive the greatest efficiency plus profitability for the company achievement.

NCrypted Technologies is a internet development business providing high-end online plus offline solutions to customers. The offshore development services of NCrypted Technologies are intended to serve companies which are outsourcing software development plus programming function for a top quality outcome oriented function at affordable rates.

Visit for more details regarding Hire Ruby approximately Rails Developer :

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Kernel Vulnerabilities and Data Loss in Ubuntu Linux

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Kernel is the key component of Linux working program, that functions because a bridge between applications plus information processing conducted at hardware level. Its tasks include managing resources of the program (correspondence between hardware components plus hardware). The Linux kernel delivers lowest-level abstraction for the resources, that need to be controlled by applications, to carry out their operations. But, just in case of kernel panic or kernel corruption, Linux will not boot correctly. In these circumstances, you are able to not access information from Linux difficult drive plus come over information reduction instances. At this point, Linux Data Recoverybecomes need of the hr to receive a information back.

What is Kernel Panic or Kernel Vulnerabilities?

In Linux working program, kernel panic is a step taken by the working program following detecting internal fatal mistake by that it cannot recover securely. The Linux kernel routines, that handle panics, are tailored thus because to output an mistake to console, wait for program reboot, or initiate the automatic program reboot. Kernel panic could happen due to many factors, like faulty kernel, missing/damaged Linux information structures, working program malfunction, file program corruption, plus lost program files.

Kernel Vulnerability inside Ubuntu Linux:

In Ubuntu 5.10 running program, there is a flaw inside the counting of component reference for netfilter’s loadable protocol modules. By doing particular socket operations, nearby attacker could exploit it to crash Linux kernel.

You could see the race condition inside add_key(), keyctl(), plus request_key() functions.

By changing the size of the string arguments, a nearby attacker will either read unique components of Linux kernel memory or crash Linux kernel.

Kernel crash might moreover crash the Linux computer plus will create it unbootable. In these instances, the program cannot discover a healthy kernel to load the boot files into memory & commence the running program boot procedure.

In purchase to access the useful information inside these circumstances, you ought to carry out Linux Recovery by resolving this matter. You are able to fix this problem by formatting the difficult drive plus reinstalling the working program.

However, formatting removes all of the information from difficult drive plus causes further information reduction. To recover lost information, Data Recovery Linux is necessary. It is ideal potential utilizing effective third-party Linux Data Recovery applications. They function in every instances of logical information reduction plus recover a useful information inside secure plus effortless way.

Hello I am k madhav plus using Stellar Information Systems Ltd that is inside the field of information healing because 1993 an leading software provider of difficult drive information healing & difficult drive healing tools

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What Makes PhoneGap App Development so Attractive?

PhoneGap is a free open source cross-platform mobile application development framework. Originally produced by Nitobi Software, PhoneGap was acquired by Adobe inside October 2011. PhoneGap allows application programmers to create mobile apps for 7 usual mobile platforms – iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Palm WebOS, Symbian, plus Bada – utilizing HTML, JavaScript, plus CSS.

Although HTML, JavaScript, plus CSS are utilized to create a PhoneGap application, the final product is a binary application archive (containing IPA file for iOS, APK for Android, XAP for Windows Phone, etc.) that can then be distributed by their “native” app shop ecosystems – simply like “native” apps. PhoneGap provides PhoneGap-Build because a cloud service that allows programmers to build plus compile mobile apps quickly without the requirement for extra SDKs, compilers, or hardware.

Because PhoneGap application development are made utilizing open internet specifications (plus not device-specific languages including Objective-C), it allows you to not receive secured into a proprietary provider platform. The PhoneGap development framework allows internet programmers utilizing a single code base of HTML, JavaScript, plus CSS to natively target 7 prevalent smartphone platforms. PhoneGap does this by permitting a foreign function interface to an embedded WebView / Webkit found on the smartphone.

PhoneGap apps are more like crossbreed apps. PhoneGap apps are not really native: They utilize internet views (not native UI frameworks) for design rendering. PhoneGap apps are not strictly web-based either: Unlike merely internet apps, they have access to native device APIs plus are packaged because apps for distribution. PhoneGap is not truly the only cross-platform mobile development framework for creating crossbreed apps like above, yet it happens to be arguably the most prevalent plus many chosen cross-platform mobile dev frameworks inside the globe now.

PhoneGap APIs assist programmers to access native running program attributes utilizing JavaScript.

With PhoneGap, there are access to effective native qualities like accelerometer, camera, compass, contacts, file, geolocation, media, network, notifications (alert, sound, vibration), plus storage. programmers will equally take benefit of PhoneGap’s JavaScript-to-native correspondence device to create custom “native plugins” for employ in PhoneGap apps. The launch of PhoneGap 2.0 brings a quantity of new qualities like assist for Windows Phone 8, an overhauled JavaScript collection stack, Cordova WebView, etc.

The cross-platform mobile application development land has a amount of players: PhoneGap, Titanium, RhoMobile, Sencha, etc. Though all these share the same objective (cross-platform mobile development), there are variations inside the way inside that every goes regarding achieving this objective. Depending found on the context, you have a narrower consideration set of cross-platform mobile dev frameworks plus 1 of these is the well-defined winner.

Companies like Mindfire Solutions supply expert cross-platform application development services utilizing PhoneGap, Titanium, RhoMobile, etc. The devoted PhoneGap, Titanium, plus RhoMobile groups at Mindfire have a sturdy track record of developing effective plus engaging cross-platform mobile apps for international customers over diverse industry websites.

If you need to hire PhoneGap Developers do rad PhoneGap / Titanium / RhoMobile apps plus require certain development aid, receive inside touch with Mindfire now – call +1 248-686-1424 or e-mail sales[@]mindfiresolutions[.]com – to leverage the sturdy track record plus strong experience of Mindfire’s PhoneGap app development / Titanium / RhoMobile specialists to bring a rad mobile app inspirations to lifetime.

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The Growing Demand for Ruby on Rails Developer for Agile Web Development

Ruby approximately Rails, a internet development framework, is a effective tool to create exclusive internet applications. It involves less coding plus less configuration information that makes it a favored framework among programmers for internet development.  It is a worthwhile framework for programmers because it delivers purchase plus structure for all of the code which is created.

The Ruby community guarantees agile internet development, wherein, it ensures which there is a complete transparency inside correspondence involving the customer as well as the programmers.  It delivers affordable ways to create plus keep sites combined with significant performance.
It is significant to hire an effective ruby approximately rails developer for internet application development. The need for effective RoR developer is approximately an all-time excellent. Let’s take a consider what makes a RoR developer significant –

Cost-effective internet development
RoR framework delivers the greatest internet development at affordable rates. It supports different databases including MySQL plus Oracle & therefore, it happens to be the number one framework for developing databases appropriate for internet applications. It proves to be cost-efficient for the extended expression because the Ruby framework involves lower programming code. So, appointing a ruby approximately rails developer usually confirm to be very affordable for the company.

Developers’ Technical Knowledge
Websites plus internet applications should be crafted attractively to fulfill the company expectations. Hiring a ruby approximately rails developer can assist to leverage his wide technical knowledge plus existing skill-set to develop plus shape sites which helps you to strengthen return approximately investment.

Attractive plus User-friendly website
The RoR framework helps you to build user-friendly sites which helps you to grow the net traffic plus bring in more company.

A RoR developer can assist to reduce developmental bills because it saves time, funds, plus stamina invested approximately internet development.

Increased Productivity
Because the RoR platform saves time plus funds invested approximately internet development services, it helps you to strengthen the developers’ efficiency. Developers could complete numerous projects together & therefore enhance performance. It is the number one framework for powerful internet application development.

Softweb Solutions is a leading Software Development Company providing top quality RoR Internet Solutions. We have a team of expert Ruby approximately Rails application programmers whom may develop appealing internet solutions. To hire a RoR developer for ruby approximately rails internet development, contact you approximately

Softweb Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Certified plus an ISO 9001:2008, Chicago based IT Company which has comprehensive Software Solutions. It serves end to end solutions for Rails Internet Development, Ruby approximately Rails Development.

Build your Own Ruby on Rails Applications with NetTantra

Ruby approximately Rails, usually shortened to Rails or RoR, is an open source internet application framework for the Ruby programming code. It has become popular because its launch to the public domain inside 2004 by David Heinemeier Hansson. It provides internet programmers a framework, providing structure for all of the code they write. The Rails framework assists programmers to build sites plus applications, considering it abstracts plus simplifies popular repetitive jobs. The appeal of Ruby to programmers lies inside the elegance plus directness of the code.

At NetTantra you have the expertise inside providing the following services approximately Ruby On Rails: Full Stack Application Development:
Full Stack Application Development: We take up modern projects, develop them approximately Ruby approximately Rails framework plus offer with development, deployment plus repair solutions. Performance Tweaking: A main problem with all the Ruby approximately Rails framework is its performance bottleneck. We assist the customers by lookin into their source code plus assisting them discover out the components that cause performance lags plus guide those to do away with these issues.

Ruby approximately Rails Version Upgrades: We recognize which the core Ruby approximately Rails framework keeps approximately improving continuously, however upgrading Ruby approximately Rails from 1 main adaptation to another is a huge hassle for in-production applications. We assist the customers to upgrade their applications, usually built for elder Ruby approximately Rails versions, to run found on the latest adaptation of Ruby approximately Rails. As in the case of Ruby approximately Rails 3.0, it offers a huge performance boost over Rails 2.x.x, nevertheless migration of a existing application from Ruby approximately Rails 2.x.x to Ruby approximately Rails 3.x is troublesome.

This is where the team comes to the aide.

Ruby approximately Rails Production Deployments: We enable the customers by recommending plus deploying their Ruby approximately Rails applications approximately to the number one platform suited to their requires. Typically you deploy Ruby approximately Rails Applications approximately to Apache2/PhusionPassenger, NGinx/PhusionPassenger, NGinx because reverse proxy to Mongrel Clusters, WebRoar Ruby Application host, plus Cherokee Internet Servers. On the database back-end you assist MySQL, SQLite3 plus PostgreSQL. We usually shortly be supporting Oracle Database back-ends moreover.

Ruby approximately Rails Cloud Deployments: NetTantra equally delivers assist for deploying Ruby approximately Rails applications onto cloud platforms like Heroku, plus Amazon EC2.

Kevin Smith is an expert writer that writes helpful reports regarding different kinds of programming languages chosen for: internet shape plus development.This Piece of post offers some details approximately ruby approximately rails.This part of post equally highlights approximately wordpress And E-commerce practicced at

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Ruby on Rails V/s PHP ? Which is Better.?

Compared to PHP, Ruby approximately Rails [RoR] is too unique plus young programming code. However both of them have a series of devoted fans that are passionate regarding them.

There are a few of the core qualities plus variations which is considered at the time of comparing PHP plus RoR. But in genuine comparing them is little unfair because basically PHP is just a programming code when RoR is a framework developed by Ruby programming code.


PHP is tremendously helpful plus especially flexible code. Compared to any additional code, PHP utilizes extremely small memory & it is actually very a matured code having a broad range of extensions plus collection modules. Initially, PHP was developed because a scripting code to be selected inside HTML pages nevertheless now it involves full object oriented qualities.

Compared to RoR, PHP because a code doesn’t include all of the qualities due to that programmers demands thorough knowledge plus abilities to code an application or website within the begin. Majority of programmers face issues inside certain elements because database connectivity need to be coded within the scratch or they additionally face performance difficulties. But PHP is effortless to understand language; consequently, several experienced plus expert PHP programmers is found conveniently for customized specifications.


Ruby is completely an object oriented programming code which is right for several platforms plus reasons. Compared to PHP, Ruby demands more memory & it runs slower. On the additional hand, Rails is a framework providing amount of attributes which are helpful for swift internet application development.

Along with several impressive qualities, Rails equally involves routing program to create URLs to techniques along with a template program to create a HTML output. Due to many qualities, almost all of the instances programmers loses control within the SQL questions because the qualities plus services which are not needed inside a certain application runs inside standard. But these many attributes approximately a positive note makes convenient for RoR programmers to build internet applications.

The amount of complexity increases equally approximately both PHP plus RoR, whenever an application to be developed needs load balancing. In the beginning, RoR needed more function to deploy nevertheless today with unique enterprise deployment program it is actually because simple to deploy because with PHP. Choosing a greater 1 from both of them is impossible, because developing an application approximately any platform totally depends found on the needs. If Ruby approximately Rails has several certainly desirable attributes than PHP is a bit more flexible.

Softweb Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Certified plus an ISO 9001:2008 , Chicago based IT firm which provides comprehensive Software Solutions. If you are searching for experienced programmers for Ruby approximately Rails internet application development or PHP development, contact you at

Web Development with Ruby On Rails

The Ruby approximately Rails framework provides we the tools you ought to develop internet applications quicker. In this webinar, you’ll discover regarding the simple components of the …

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Reservation in Higher Education and Jobs- Divide and Rule Strategy

People are agitating…people are approximately hunger strike; Students have different views…professionals have different views. As per the interview with Cabinet Minister, (Human Resourse Development) Mr. Arjun Singh…on CNN-IBN, he is not prepared to accept any details plus fingers. In brief, following the interview he looks like a confused individual…may be an impact of his age. Lets commence within the pretty beginning, found on the 27th of June 1961 Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru (First Prime Minister of India) wrote to the Chief Ministers: I hate any reservations. If we go inside for any reservations approximately communal plus caste basis, we are going to swamp the bright plus capable persons plus stay 2nd rate or 3rd rate. The moment you motivate the 2nd rate, you are lost. And then he adds pointedly: This means lies not just folly, & catastrophe.

Lets take a look at other figures…”Learning from Past Experiences”…

NSSO, that is a government furnished body, has really inside its analysis inside 1999 – that is the many newest analysis shown – which 23.5 per cent of all college seats are absolutely with all the OBCs. And which is really 8.5 per cent lower than what the NSSO believes is the OBC share of the population. So, for a difference of 8 per cent, might reservations function as the appropriate method of creating up the difference? A research completed by the IITs themselves shows which 50 per cent of the IIT seats for the SCs plus STs stay vacant as well as for the leftover 50 per cent, 25 per cent are the individuals, that even following six years are not able to receive their degrees. So, clearly, inside their case, reservations are no longer working. Parliamentary Committee found on the welfare for the Scheduled Castes plus Scheduled Tribes states which “lookin at the Delhi University, between 1995 plus 2000, merely half the seats for under-graduates at the Scheduled Castes level plus only one-third of the seats for under-graduates at the Scheduled Tribes level were filled.

All the others went clear, unfilled.”

Sukhdev Thorat, the Chairman of the UGC. He points out which now, at high knowledge degrees – which is all colleges, IITs plus IIMs – there is absolutely a 1.2 lakh vacancy quantity. 40 per cent of these are inside training staff, that the IIT faculty themselves point out which they have shortages of approximately 20 per cent.

Fifty years following the reservations were produced, statistics show, according to The Hindustan Times, which total inside India, just 16 per cent of the places inside high knowledge are occupied by SCs plus STs. The quota is 22.5 per cent, meaning which just two-thirds of the quota is occupied. One 3rd is going waste, it really is being denied to others.

In brief, reservations mean a lesser-qualified prospect gets choice over a more qualified prospect, only considering inside this case, he or she arises to be an OBC. In different words, the upper castes are being penalized to be upper caste.

Why Quota? Why Reservations? Will this aid “underprivileged” communities to come at par with others? I don’t think thus. If the foundation is not sturdy…1 cannot create sturdy building approximately it. If you wish to bring everyone approximately same platform…strengthen the Primary Education; Improve the course material; offer teachers at which level plus create persons sturdy enough to compete with every different…offer the platform for institutes plus corporates to select the greatest.

Mandal Commission…A regretful step…First Major Step towards reservation plus quota program…beginning of caste based politics…

1) The Mandal Commission was officially called Second backward Classes Commission.

2) It derives its name from parliamentarian BP Mandal, whom chaired the Commission.

3) The Mandal Commission was constituted by the Morarji Desai government inside 1978 to consider action politics for backward classes, aimed at redressing caste discrimination.

4) The Commission Report was submitted inside Dec 1980. It desired reservation for 27 per cent of all services plus public sector undertakings beneath the central government plus 27 per cent of all admissions to organizations of high knowledge for Other Backward Classes (OBCs).

5) The percentage was over plus above the existing 22.5 per cent reservation for SCs/STs.

6) In Aug 1990, the then Prime Minister VP Singh assured its implementation inside government jobs.

7) It led to popular protests, that finally led to his resignation.

8) There were numerous self-immolations tries, including which of Rajeev Goswami, a DU student.

9) In 1993, the Supreme Court upheld 27 per cent reservation for OBCs.

10) However it was topic to the exception of socially advanced persons/sections from among the OBCs.

11) Children of Class I officers with money of Re 1 lakh were additionally excluded.

12) The exclusion-income limit was revised to Rs 2.5 lakh inside 2004.

13) The reservation came into impact inside Sept 1993 following the recommendations were accepted.

14) In Aug 2005, the SC abolished all caste-based reservations inside unaided private universities.

15) On Dec 2005, the Lok Sabha passed the 104th Constitution Amendment Act 2005, rolling back the SC judgement.

16) The brand-new clause permitted reservations for SC/ST plus OBCs inside private unaided educational organizations.

17) The newest controversy erupted over the government’s proposal to introduce 27 per cent reservation for OBCs inside central government-funded high educational institutes like IITs plus IIMs.

Earlier Mandal Commission identified 11 indicators for providing reservation plus quota is high knowledge. They were:


Castes/classes considered because socially backward by others.

Castes/classes that primarily rely approximately manual labour for their livelihood.

Castes/classes where the percentage of wedded ladies under 17 is 25% above the state average inside remote regions plus 10% inside urban areas; plus which of wedded males is 10% plus 5% above the state average inside remote plus urban regions respectively.

Castes/classes where involvement of women inside function is at minimum 25% above the state average.


Castes/classes where the quantity of kids inside age group of 5 to 15 years whom not attended school is at smallest 25% above the state average.

Castes/classes where the rate of student drop-out inside age group of 5-15 years is at minimum 25% above the state average.

Castes/classes among who the proportion of matriculates is at minimum 25% under the state average


Castes/classes where the average value of family assets is at smallest 25% under the state average.

Castes/classes where the quantity of families living inside kachcha houses is at smallest 25 % above the state average.

Castes/classes where the source of drinking water is beyond half a kilometer for over 50% of the homes.

Castes/classes where the amount of the house-holds having taken a expenditure loan is at smallest 25% above the state average.

We have enjoyed even throughout those years which “Reservation” is only not acceptable. Even when following Close to 60 years of Independence (we’ll be celebrating the Diamond jubilee year of Independence between 15th August 2006-15th August 2007), you are suggesting which you have not completed anything to mention the social status of individuals then you are really nullifying all of the achievements. Had this been performed 5 years or 10 years following the freedom…it might have been acceptable however, not following 55 years of freedom.


Need is to boost the standard of knowledge at “Primary Level”, create individuals competent enough to fight inside “Open Competition” plus to not reserve the seats or supply any kind of quota. The vociferous protest against reservation for Other Backward Classes (OBCs) as well as the growing unease regarding reservations for scheduled castes plus scheduled tribes reflects the sharp conflicts that are erupting inside Indian society over the distribution of the limited amount of Government jobs plus educational resources. It ought to be noted which the vocal opposition to the reservations for OBCs goes together with a more disguised resentment against reservation for the scheduled castes plus tribes. One has just to remember to the Gujarat anti-reservation movement of 1981 as well as the latest December, 1989 U.P. agitation up against the Parliament extending the reservation of seats inside legislatures for the scheduled castes plus scheduled tribes for another 10 years.

The movement against reservations inside the present Indian context is retrograde plus objectively serves the interests of those whom find to protect the dominance of the upper castes. The plea against reservations is advanced found on the basis of equality of chance plus merit. In an unequal society like India, where scheduled castes, tribes plus shudras (the volume of who are the OBCs) have been discriminated against inside choice of job, social movement plus control over the signifies of manufacturing, all speak of equality, without taking into account this fact, reduces equality to the idea of formal equality.

As for merit, it is actually well potential inside India to discriminate inside recruitment plus promotions, found on the basis of caste prejudices or needs, militating against merit. Further, merit, because the Mandal Commission along with a host of alternative profits plus Supreme Court judgments have pointed out, need to be watched inside the context of achieving real equality of solutions, social environment plus compensatory discrimination to confirm social justice.

I summarize my feeling from the lines of following poem by Martin Niemöller (1892-1984) regarding accumulation of State energy by the targeting of certain groups 1 at a time catches the slippery slope of the law pretty well:

First they came for the Communists, plus I didn’t talk out considering I wasn’t a Communist.

Then they came for the Socialists, plus I didn’t talk out considering I wasn’t a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, plus I didn’t talk out considering I wasn’t a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, plus I didn’t talk out considering I wasn’t a Jew.

Then they came for me, plus there was clearly nobody left to talk out for me.

Before I conclude, here are views of Mr. Sam Pitroda (Chairman, National Knowledge Commission), approximately reservation inside Higher Education plus Jobs:

There is nothing fundamentally incorrect with all the quota program because lengthy because it is actually used judiciously at the appropriate degrees. It cannot become a blanket answer for all time to come. It is my considered position to refuse labels found on the basis of anyone’s birth. It is an outdated, antiquated thinking to keep speaking regarding caste based disadvantages. The initial step for me is to refuse all these labels inside the 21st century plus focus approximately equality for youth. In my case, work, wise knowledge plus focus approximately development helped me a superb deal to overcome any disadvantages which I had as a result of what individuals nonetheless obsessively describe because caste.

Technology gave me an equal footing for everything I have completed inside my existence plus profession. I have mentioned this before. Technology is a astonishing leveler, next just to death. I have usually negotiated challenges found on the basis of my any little intrinsic merit standard plus perseverance. I have not taken the path of quota or reservations. I hope this shows that it must be potential.

What you require is to create solutions for everyone of equal merit to have right access. On this topic there are numerous views plus countless sentiments. At instances persons consider this inside terms of black plus white when there are numerous shades of gray.

Proper main knowledge is the key to building a sound foundation for high knowledge inside the college. I want you focus approximately this initial. I furthermore believe which each child need chance for wise knowledge without thinking regarding caste or money degrees. If the student is qualified you should discover funding to assist them inside universities. It is time to go beyond labels which stigmatize an whole group of individuals. I believe today inside the early piece of the 21st century you could create fundamental changes inside the method you approach the idea of knowledge, work, equality plus empowerment. But the point is it is actually time for a complete unique approach inside the 21st century. We cannot build the country inside the 21st century with all the 19th century mindset.

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Ruby on Rails Application Development and Involved Plug-ins

Ruby approximately Rails has been a hot technologies inside the Open Source marketplace for many years today plus Andolasoft.Inc is regarded as the greatest specialists obtainable in the planet. Apart from being duty free, it has a sturdy programming community where Rails programmers plus contributors modify, personalize plus offer many plug-ins which is integrated in almost any application. The plug-ins are additionally accessible free plus we merely should download them from a remote place plus they are prepared to utilize. This plug-ins facilitates convenient implementation of much functionality inside real planet internet applications.


We at Andolasoft, thoroughly employ an range of newest plug-ins inside the applications to facilitate quicker development task.


Some prevalent Rails plug-ins chosen by Andolasoft’s Ruby approximately Rails developer, are because follows:


Authologic: Authologic is a trouble-free authentication answer for Ruby approximately Rails applications. It is employed for authenticating User plus Admin modules plus it furthermore creates appropriate session values plus cookies for preserving a session in addition to destroying it.


Searchlogic: Search logic is a worthwhile plug-in by that you could create an object which means the record inside the database. It is straight associated with active record plus facilitates effortless purchasing, looking plus pagination of data; therefore handling numerous significant functionalities.


Will Paginate:  It is a very handy plug-in chosen for pagination of internet applications. With this you could control the no of records which are fetched within the database model plus displayed inside a website.


Simple Captcha: Easy Captcha is a effortless yet effective plug-in for Rails. It really demands a single line of code for implementation. It consists of many Captcha pictures with different amount of complexities plus it additionally functions inside several clustered servers.


Active Merchant: Active Merchant is a payment processing collection for Rails. It is produced within the Rails powered ecommerce program Shopify. It will access different Payment Gateways with minimal internal APIs. It is perfect for e-commerce applications.


Feedback: It is a prepared to employ plug-in to create a suggestions shape which is further customized. It creates an overlay Ajax based shape that is accessible with a side screen tab or link.

David Richards functions for an Ruby approximately rails development business. Many of his articles showcases the contribution outsourcing has brought into the arena of Ruby approximately rails development

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tips for Android Application Development through a Third Party Developer

Of the items which have changed the means inside that you employ the handheld equipment, applications are possibly the foremost. Today, you utilize these equipment because over only because phones plus organizers. Apps have been developed for functions because diverse because guiding travelers approximately inside an unknown city to recording the heartbeats of people. In truth, these apps are considered because thus reliable which even practitioners are utilizing these rather of stethoscopes.

You need heard stories which are individuals generating fortunes in brief periods of time by Android application development. We should not think which all they managed to succeed simply because they had tremendous technical abilities connected to the languages inside that these apps are created inside. The fact of the matter is the fact that they managed to create apps which subsequently proven to be prevalent considering these really added value to the equipment approximately that they were installed.

Even should you are not a whiz inside the languages or platforms inside that Android application development is completed, we want not worry considering the specialists may handle the technical aspect of the development should you tell them what service we want to offer by a application.

While selecting specialists whom usually do this job for we, it usually is a greater idea to select the specialists that are piece of the organization. Should you donate the assignment to a business, you are capable to make sure which there is somebody to supply we technical assistance whether or not the expert whom really tailored the system is unavailable for certain cause. Moreover, well-organized businesses manage to achieve more inside a brief time period considering they could take pleasure in the blessings of dividing work based on the specialization of the individuals.

While choosing that business you’ll choose, you need to remember which there are many fly-by-night providers struggling to fleece folks like we.

Therefore, you need to be cautious regarding selecting a firm which has been providing services for many years.

You must moreover be cautious regarding the financial preparations which we agree to considering there are Android applicationdevelopment businesses which makes we agree to terms which makes we financially obliged for them despite the truth which we came up with all the idea to commence with. is the premier android application development organization. We have tremendous experience building applications for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, plus Symbian.

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