Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Launch RDP from Web Browser

This script allows you create a link that can open a RDP session by passing a server address parameter


Open RDP

function rdp(address){	try{		var rdpexe = 'C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\mstsc.exe';		var ws = new ActiveXObject('WScript.Shell');		ws.Exec(rdpexe + " /v:" + address);	}	catch(e){		alert("This link will try to launch RDP session from web browser\n"+			  "1. Please use Internet Explorer 7.0+\n"+ 			  "2. Go to Tools > Internet options > Security > Trusted Sites & click \"sites\" button.\n"+			  "3. Add *.your_domain to trusted site\n"+			  "4. Click Custom Level & find the section \"ActiveX controls & plug-ins\"\n"+			  "5. Select Enable for \"Initializing & Script ActiveX controls not marked as safe\"");	}}

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