Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Greate Firewall rocks!!! China say "good bye" to Internet

Chinese users are facing huge problem of accessing any website outside China due to the Greate Firewall blocks 80+ connection that is trying to access the Internet outside of China. This is because the government treat all information from outside as “unsafed” & needs to be monitored. The Greate Filewall could be the most “hard working” in the world as it is watching 400 millions people’s internet access & filter everything from “outside”, which can be only done by super computers. This consequence is serious because this policy will finally let the civilization & the gorvernment lose the trust between each other, people will start to consider if the government has hidden something behind them. Buidling an intranet in an entire country in order to block information is not a wise decision & only make things worse, & make the government itself more & more untrustable, I hope the leader of China can really consider approximately this basic right for Chinese internet user & make the government more transparent.

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