Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Build your Own Ruby on Rails Applications with NetTantra

Ruby approximately Rails, usually shortened to Rails or RoR, is an open source internet application framework for the Ruby programming code. It has become popular because its launch to the public domain inside 2004 by David Heinemeier Hansson. It provides internet programmers a framework, providing structure for all of the code they write. The Rails framework assists programmers to build sites plus applications, considering it abstracts plus simplifies popular repetitive jobs. The appeal of Ruby to programmers lies inside the elegance plus directness of the code.

At NetTantra you have the expertise inside providing the following services approximately Ruby On Rails: Full Stack Application Development:
Full Stack Application Development: We take up modern projects, develop them approximately Ruby approximately Rails framework plus offer with development, deployment plus repair solutions. Performance Tweaking: A main problem with all the Ruby approximately Rails framework is its performance bottleneck. We assist the customers by lookin into their source code plus assisting them discover out the components that cause performance lags plus guide those to do away with these issues.

Ruby approximately Rails Version Upgrades: We recognize which the core Ruby approximately Rails framework keeps approximately improving continuously, however upgrading Ruby approximately Rails from 1 main adaptation to another is a huge hassle for in-production applications. We assist the customers to upgrade their applications, usually built for elder Ruby approximately Rails versions, to run found on the latest adaptation of Ruby approximately Rails. As in the case of Ruby approximately Rails 3.0, it offers a huge performance boost over Rails 2.x.x, nevertheless migration of a existing application from Ruby approximately Rails 2.x.x to Ruby approximately Rails 3.x is troublesome.

This is where the team comes to the aide.

Ruby approximately Rails Production Deployments: We enable the customers by recommending plus deploying their Ruby approximately Rails applications approximately to the number one platform suited to their requires. Typically you deploy Ruby approximately Rails Applications approximately to Apache2/PhusionPassenger, NGinx/PhusionPassenger, NGinx because reverse proxy to Mongrel Clusters, WebRoar Ruby Application host, plus Cherokee Internet Servers. On the database back-end you assist MySQL, SQLite3 plus PostgreSQL. We usually shortly be supporting Oracle Database back-ends moreover.

Ruby approximately Rails Cloud Deployments: NetTantra equally delivers assist for deploying Ruby approximately Rails applications onto cloud platforms like Heroku, plus Amazon EC2.

Kevin Smith is an expert writer that writes helpful reports regarding different kinds of programming languages chosen for: internet shape plus development.This Piece of post offers some details approximately ruby approximately rails.This part of post equally highlights approximately wordpress And E-commerce practicced at nettantra.com.

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