Saturday, March 8, 2014

One in six UK employers ?offer no formal support' to stressed workers

New analysis has found which just 17 per cent of UK companies have any shape of strain administration information plus assist inside area.

The Department of Work plus Pensions study, entitled Health plus Well-Being at Work, polled 2,250 little, medium plus large-sized companies functioning inside a broad range of industries inside both the private plus public sector. The results enable understanding into employers’ attitudes to their workers’ strain degrees.

No win no fee solicitors Claims Direct could assist persons create a individual injury claim when they have suffered unneeded strain at workbecause of a employer’s negligence. Claims Direct may equally put people inside touch with all the relevant assist groups however it is actually worrying to consider which 17 per cent of companies provide little formal help.

Employees’ job satisfaction

Perhaps the cause for the shortage of the strain protection web is found inside the truth which 89 per cent of companies polled agreed to certain extent with all the statement “this organisation takes procedures to strengthen employees’ job satisfaction”.

Over half (52 per cent) agreed firmly with all the statement plus merely 2 per cent disagreed with all the statement.

Employers inside the public management sector (98 per cent) was amidst the many confident regarding their efforts to heighten employees job reassurance.

‘Deeply ironic’

Commenting approximately this finding, a spokesman for the PCS Public plus Commercial Services Union, that represents countless employees inside the public management sector, firmly recommended which employers’ perception of measures to enhance job reassurance never reflect the fact confronted by countless stressed employees.

The spokesman told me: “It is deeply ironic which the Department of Work plus Pensions is surveying companies regarding strain whenever inside the DWP plus over the wider civil service, employees are facing the prospect of everything they’ve worked for – their job, pay plus pensions – being removed.”

He added: “Far from improving job reassurance this really is improving strain because is enjoyed inside the results of DWP staff reports.”

Measures to fight stress

When companies were asked what measures they had taken over the last year to aid keep employees with health issues inside function or enable them cv their responsibilities, 67 per cent mentioned they offered no measures.

The measures that were offered can act because inspiration for companies seeking to enable employees that are off function with strain return to work.
These include:

Allowing reduced or different hours (29 per cent)
Reducing worker workload
Allowing additional breaks (18 per cent)
Appointing a job coach or individual assistant (3 per cent)

Stress-reduction measures

Employers that offered strain administration measures were asked that strain administration measures they had implemented over the previous year.

Informal discussions were the best measure to be implemented: (86 per cent of companies implemented these).

The very vague ‘appraisals where the topic of strain can be mentioned’ was ‘runner-up’ with 74 per cent.

The statement ‘it comes up at induction’ was stated by 2 per cent of companies.

On a more pro-active note, ‘group conversation regarding work-stress’ was tried by 51 per cent.

Other measures included introducing:

A strain counselling or mentoring programme (33 per cent)
A staff welfare programme (21 per cent)
A strain awareness day at the job (17 per cent)
Social occasions plus outings (4 per cent)
Team building exercises (2 per cent)

The poll furthermore found which reports were selected very commonly (11 per cent) to evaluate strain degrees.

Workers is keen which companies act to address strain before a study highlights its existence.

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